David Pell

I.T. Director


David is also a member of the innovation team as well as driving major enhancements to the I.T. systems we run both internally and on sites.  In his spare time, David is either cycling, motorcycling, jetskiing or just relaxing.

Frank O'Callaghan

Divisional Account Manager


Frank heads the sales team and travels the highways.  The dog, the house, the wife and the kids (in no particular order) absorb most of his time, though he does occasionally enjoy 'Bounce' the trampoline heaven.

Jayne Peters



Started at Herongrange as an apprentice and continues to progress on a day by day basis whilst liaising with clients and suppliers.  In her spare time she enjoys going to the cinema, relaxing at home or going on adventures and exploring the great outdoors.

Sam Hurst



Joined Herongrange in June 2012 straight out of University.  Works operationally and liaises with various departments to ensure successful service and project delivery.

Paul Stokes



Paul started in the company in May 2016 and has already made significant improvements in the company. In his spare time he can be found gaming on his PS4 or PC, or watching the latest blockbusters at the local cinema.

Wendy Sumner

Credit Control


Wendy joined Herongrange in March 2014.  She enjoys reading, watching live bands and on summer weekends takes part in Civil War re-enactment.

Barry Spicer

Managing Director


Barry has headed up the company from the beginning and continues to develop it as a member of the innovation team.  In his spare time he is often found doing DIY around the house.

Carlie Baxter

Corporate Services Director


Carlie has been with Herongrange for over 10 years and heads up the Finance and HR functions on a daily basis.  In her spare time Carlie enjoys cooking, long walks in the country and holidays.

Warren Holton

Monitoring Station Manager


Warren runs the Monitoring Station Control Room and manages the diverse team of controllers.  In his spare time he can be found either with his nose in a book or watching a film.



Chris Hill

Bob Newlyn-Jones

Ryan Wright

Maxine Cannell

Sales Account Manager


Maxine has worked for the company for just over 2 years, enjoys a good night out with the girls drinking wine.  She often travels back home to Hastings as much as she can to enjoy even more wine with her friends.  Ed Sheeran superfan.

Lead Engineers


Darcy Phillips

David Baker

Jonny Petrescu

Oliver Charnock

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