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Why settle for compromise rather than what you need?


We specialise in complete security solutions for the entire build project.  Our solution is tailored and adapts as your site progresses.  If your organisation is serious about it's security, our industry leading CamShield CCTV system provides the cost-effective, flexible and interactive solution you're looking for.

The presence of CCTV cameras has always proven to be a highly effective deterrent.  Now, Our unique software further transforms this deterrent into an intelligent, hard-working and site-friendly monitoring system.  24/7 camera operation provides not only out of hours security, but also a host of potential advantages for site managers to make use of the daytime recording.  Key staff members can even interact with the system from home, providing unique flexibility to meet your specific needs.

Our unique "double-imaging" technology highlights any analysed movement to our control staff, who can clearly see the intrusion, even in challenging areas or conditions.


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Dedicated Support

We use a server-based system for remote management, providing: bi-directional communication, the facility for downloads and continual upgrades.


The camera feeds are electronically monitored, frame by frame, from the primary and secondary activation systems, sending through visual alerts to the monitoring centre.  Our bespoke software translates all movement into a pre-validated audio-visual format for the control room staff, providing the most attentive and transparent service available to safeguard your projects.


And for total peace of mind, our installations are backed up by nationwide engineer coverage, allowing you to leave your security within our firm control.



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11 Cirrus Park, Lower Farm Road, Moulton Park, Northampton, NN3 6UR

01604 498830

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01604 498830