A solution for every site:


Our access control solution is as modular as your situation or site requirements.  We provide a full hardware and software solution including turnstiles, cabins, barriers and information display screens.


Access Control isn’t just about who can access site and when, in addition, with Herongrange’s solution “SiteShield” you also have a construction developed, H&S reporting and Human Resource Tracking system.

Turnstile Video

Portable Turnstile


Our new turnstile is available on a sturdy metal base, making it easy to move around site as site changes . With only 2 sockets, it is quick to relocate.


Drop’n’Go deployment means we can install a turnstile without the need for a concrete base, bolting down or cabin. Optional down lighting, and clear signalling make the turnstile easy for anyone to use.

Integrated lighting makes it easier to see when access has been granted, and optional down lighters provide illumination on dark days.

Options for biometrics, proximity cards and intercoms.

Metal base with non-slip paint make moving the turnstile around site quick and easy.  With just two sockets either side of the turnstile, it couldn't be simpler.


Our new software is more intuitive to use and now includes self-diagnosis and incident reporting to prevent issues before they affect operation. It still has CSCS integration, our powerful reporting and certificate management built in.


Since our software is written in-house, it allows us complete flexibility to meet your site specific needs, business rules and KPIs.

Read CSCS Cards

Our access control software is compatible with CSCS SmartCards.  Enrolling a new user is as easy as swiping their CSCS card using a contactless desktop reader.


The system then captures the details held on the card and keeps a copy on the system.  The turnstile, door or barrier then allows access until the CSCS expires, having given the user a reminder for 60 days beforehand to renew their CSCS qualification.

You can also swipe their renewed card to update or query the details you have on file.


Using Herongrange’s Access Control system on your site to enforce worker competence, Time & Attendance and security couldn’t be easier and quicker, especially when using CSCS Cards.

See our download sheet for more information.


Data can be stored onsite for speed and reliability, and backed-up and accessible in the cloud . With remote 3G/4G or ADSL connection, we’re always on hand to help.


WebPortal: Get your sub contractors to pre-enter most of their employee data including certifications saving you time and data entry.  Then, during induction, you only need to validate what they have entered and if you’re happy just click-n-go to grant access to your site.


PC On Site: Guaranteed fast reliable full featured access to your data even if the broadband or 3G link is down.  Data stored locally on site and within our Data Centre for central off-site backup and restore incase of disaster recovery.


Integration: Linking sites to each other and to a WebPortal allows visibility and management of employee data, certifications and sub contractor data entry.


Biometrics: Choose between biometric (Hand, eye, finger, face) or non-biometric (Proximity Card, key-fob) authentication methods.


Certification Tracking: Let the system keep you informed when there is a certification issue.  Auto prevent access to personnel when a certificate expires to ensure full compliance.  Message screen reminders to proactively alert staff themselves when a certificate needs renewal.


Message screen: Keeping your workforce informed of certificate expiry, toolbox talks, and site stats.  Cycle through informational messages, “Safe man days/hours”, CO², BREEAM etc.  Target reminders and messages to relevant staff.


Herongrange boasts it's own innovation team, made up of software and hardware developers.  We routinely tackle the varied challenges some sites have and then create bespoke solutions ranging from minor enhancements through to complete systems from the ground up.  Feel free to browse our case studies here or see a selection below.

Realtime Roadside Workforce Tracking, Safety and Security.


We developed a PDA based system for tracking workers in realtime, ensuring they were safe even in roadway tunnels.

Green ANPR, for deployment where there is no power.


We developed a wind and solar solution capable of powering two ANPR cameras, allowing traffic enforcement in remote areas.

Rail worker hours monitoring with over hours rule enforcement.


We enhanced our powerful access control software to also prevent rail workers from breaching working pattern rules.



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